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Please read the terms of use carefully before using the Phu Hung Securities’ website and the services and information provided on this site. Once you have reviewed these terms it is understood that you accept them unconditionally.

1. Copyright policy
Phu Hung prohibits all kinds of unauthorized use of the brand name "Phu Hung" and the logo that is registered to Phu Hung, as well as any kind of piracy or misuse of any information, products, and services that are made available on this site.
Customers may download files or information that is provided by PHS for their own personal use, but must preserve intact all copyright information and source citations in the documents or information.
Information, products, images, etc. provided on the Phu Hung website may not be re-distributed or used for any commercial or public purposes without the express written consent of Phu Hung Securities.

2. Regulations on access to website
Most of the information and features on this website are openly available and do not require login.
When accessing parts of this website that require a secure login by identifiable information (e.g. username or account number) and password, users are responsible to protect their own personal information, which includes limiting others in using your username and password.
You can modify your information and preferences at any time, including whether you want us to contact you about special services and offers.
Customers and users are free to un-subscribe from our website and services at any time.

3. Disclaimer
The information posted on this website is for reference purposes only. Phu Hung makes every reasonable effort to provide accurate and trustworthy information, but does not claim responsibility for ensuring the completeness or absolute accuracy of this information.
Customers are responsible for their own investment decisions. All reports, analyses, financial outlooks, and recommendations provided by Phu Hung are for reference only. Phu Hung accepts no liability or responsibility for losses that may occur from customers’ investment decisions.
The features and information on the website may be regularly updated or modified without notice, and the website may also be subject to periodic upgrades and maintenance. Phu Hung is not responsible for any losses due to the event that this website or parts thereof experience an interruption of information or are inaccessible.
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