HOSE - Hochiminh Stock Exchange 973.76 +4.0 (0.41%)
Open 976.67 Volume 35,960,920 shares 168
High 976.67 Value 592.91 bil VND 77
Low 969.79 Net For. Buy - bil VND 59
HNX - Hanoi Stock Exchange 106.96 +0.1 (0.10%)
Open 106.98 Volume 7,333,500 shares 0
High 107.39 Value 89.44 bil VND 0
Low 106.88 Net For. Buy - bil VND 490

Market commentary - 26/03/2019
With bad influence from global market, Vietnam stock market corrected strongly in the first session of the week, in which, large-cap codes all dropped strongly. The liquidity got better and foreign investors saw another strong net buying even when the market was deep in red which supported investors. In the morning, the market opened with a strong drop, similar to the world theme since the signs on global economic drop was maintained during the session as bottom catching demand wasn’t strong enough for the indexes to recover.
At the end, VN-Index closed with a strong drop at 970.07 points (-1.89%) with ...

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