HOSE - Hochiminh Stock Exchange 898.44 +2.5 (0.28%)
Open 892.15 Volume 163,286,587 shares 251
High 899.34 Value 3,525.75 bil VND 104
Low 889.14 Net For. Buy 0.0 bil VND 56
HNX - Hanoi Stock Exchange 109.26 +2.6 (2.48%)
Open 106.9 Volume 41,781,900 shares 0
High 109.36 Value 457.77 bil VND 0
Low 106.76 Net For. Buy - bil VND 491

Market commentary - 06/06/2019
Dropping trend from yesterday continued in the morning right from the beginning, correcting pressure spread further so the index lost important support levels and was deep in red in the first half of the afternoon. Further in the afternoon, the situation was worse and the market was sometimes depress as VN-Index lost support level of 940 points with strong drop of over 10 points. However, closer to the end, low price demand increased strongly and the index gained strongly to escape bottom level. The liquidity got better, showing remarkable bottom catching demand at low level. Foreign investors saw a net selling again on HOSE while their trade ...

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